Nutcracker Costume: Opening Christmas Market Neuruppin

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Nutcracker Costume: Opening Christmas Market Event: Opening Christmas Market Neuruppin Client: Stadtmarketing Neuruppin Guests: visitors tourists Number of guests: 2000 Mission: Animation as a Christmas character and distribute fair trade chocolate Venue: Neuruppin Artist: The Nutcracker Our nutcracker is for everyone who has already seen Santa Claus and Christmas angels enough. He is always friendly [...]

Artists’ Idea in Berlin: Hugo the talking robot at the Charité employee festival

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Not only doctors and nurses work at the Charité Berlin. You will find also many other professional groups. For all there is an annual summer festival to which all employees are invited. Our talking robot doll Hugo was also on his bike and has tested the delicious food from the cool foodtruck himself thoroughly. Event: Employee [...]

The 30 best Halloween and carnival costume ideas

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Halloween is coming, so here are my favorites for the best costume ideas. 1. The "invisible man" costume The son of a photographer had this great Halloween costume idea. Ben (my 12-yr-old) always does something DIY for his Halloween costume. This year: The Invisible Man — David Hobby (@strobist) 31. Oktober 2012 2. Sea [...]

ITB Trade fair party at the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin with the man machines and the Mime gentlemen

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The Hard Rock Cafe Berlin invite customers and business partners during the ITB (International Tourism Börse). There is always a party with burgers and other culinary delights. Event: Trade Fair Party, Guest: Business partners and customers Number of guests: about 300 Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Berlin Artists: Man Machines and Mime Gentlemen Photo Booth Action classic with kiss on [...]

Old Town Festival in Brilon: Under way with talking robot walkabout “Steve Machine”

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For Old Town Festival in Brilon our talkative robot "Steve Machine" was going around. This time in his pink suit. Look who he has met. Event: Town Festival, Guests: tourists und locals Number of guests: about 1000 Veranstaltungsort: Old Town of Brilon (Germany) Artist: "Steve Machine" Steve: "Great costume, where can i find the police??" "Wow, so much food [...]

Anke Gerber Pantomime-Workshop: kleine Gesten, große Bewegungen (Wien 4. bis 7. August 2016)

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Wir trainieren die Grundlagen der Pantomime-Techniken und erweitern und verbessern unsere eigenen Bewegungen. Wir arbeiten in Gruppen und einzeln, unterschiedliche Levels werden entsprechend individuell gefordert und gefördert. Dann beginnt die Arbeit an Szenen, wir improvisieren viel. Diemals konzentrieren wir uns auf die Strukturen der feinen, kleinen Bewegungsabläufe bis hin zu den großen, ausladenden Bewegungen. Es [...]