Halloween is coming, so here are my favorites for the best costume ideas.

1. The “invisible man” costume

The son of a photographer had this great Halloween costume idea.

2. Sea Witch Ursula of Disney Movie “Little Mermaid, Arielle”

She’s been stealing everyone’s voices all day

3. Van Gogh Self portrait costume

Cool costume of a picture and a beautiful illusion. In this case the self portrait of Van Gogh. Acrylic on man.

Van Gogh self portrait costume

4. Lego man costume

A Lego man is known to everyone. That’s why this costume is so popular at parties. Especially because you recognize it immediately and does not have to be a geek. The costume has beebn built by a father for his 8 year old son. Here is his rough guide:

  • 3D model of the Lego Man
    Use Pepakura Designer to create and print 2D templates
    Transferred to EVA foam
    Cut out the parts
    Mounting with hot glue
    Very hot glue
    Spray a few layers of plasti dip
    A few coats and clear lacquer
    Legs connect with belt with cord and carabiner
    Arms on the body with elastic bands
    Head fastened with chin straps


lego-man-costuem-kostuem-citizen_eraser Foto: Reddit, citizen_eraser

5. Barbie in Barbie packaging costume

This lady has a funny Halloween costume idea every year. My favorite from her collection the Barbie. Foto: LizQuiz

6. Pulvertoastman (from the Ren & Stimpy Show)

As a fan of “Ren and Stimpy” this costume is the absolute hit. This version is nothing for a fixed decision for the party.

Der Pulvertoastman

7. Classic Rocket Costume + Boba Fett = Floating Boba Fett

Linkfilter member Reapre has looked at the classic rocket costume and then just made a floating Boba Fett out of it. The column of flame below hid his legs. Reapre was wearing platform shoes so he could get a couple of inches higher. Here is the English language documentation.

Floating Boba Fett

8. LED Emoji mask

The “Mask of Emotions” shows emoticons instead of your face. This helmet was created by the Digital Media Design Dept at Hongik University in Korea. The emoticon is controlled by the body actions of the wearer. Here is a little insight into the construction method. As you can see, you can not see through these holes. Well, who wants to be beautiful …


Emoji LED mask

9. Flying Jeannie

The classic “false legs” illusion as a flying Jeannie variant. If you want to build it here an Instructables instructions.

The “flying” carpet costume

10. Head in the Box costume

Because the illusion with the wrong legs is so beautiful there is here again the Version with the severed head. After all, is Halloween and not a childbirth day.

11. Soldier’s costume

Great also the idea to dress up as tin or miniature figure. The strong color is particularly noticeable. The perfect costume for posing for photos. A great “living statues” idea.

12. The jellyfish

A costume that you can tinker even on the last pusher, provided you have a thick umbrella.

13. Banksy Street Art Costume

We already had a work of art as a costume, here comes the next. One of the most famous motifs of the Streetart artist Banskys.

14. Robot couple

Instructables member onebrokenneck created a robot pair for a costume contest. But this costume is also suitable for Halloween and carnival. Here is a guide.

15. Retro head interactive Robot with animated LEDs

 “Steve Machine”

Ok, ok, this is my costume for this year. And not just for Halloween or carnival, because “Steve Machine” you can book for your event. The eyes and mouth of this mask are animated + Steve has a cool robot voice. He will entertain your guests and act as a presenter. Here you can find pictures and information about this robot Walkabout.

Super mobil mit reduziertem Equippment

You look beautiful!

16. The mousetrap

The beautiful thing about this costume: Your child don’t has to walk.


17. BB-8 Star Wars costume

Of course, there is also a Star Wars costume. This version is of course the hammer. Just hope you do not fall.

BB-8 Star Wars costume

18. Hulk Hogan (Last Minute Costume)

Ok it has do be  fast. Here come the last minute costumes.

Photo: Sabrina

19. Black and white characters

This is pantomime pop culture, so you get a classic costume with the theme black and white. Works best as a group costume. Comes well on retro and 20 year anniversary parties.


20. Oma Baby costume

Not everyone has a baby, but the picture is just too cute and the idea is top: The grandma costume!


21. Simpson costume

Yeah, the best family costume ever !!!

22. Back to the future costume

This costume needs space. But who has who can.

23. The Infinite Story

The connoisseurs are nodding.

24. LE Wire Stick Figure Costume

Already cool, what you can do with a bit of LE Wire. But it must be dark.

25. The Sisters of Shining

26. Vintage Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costume

27. Spongebob, Mr. Crab and Patrick

28. Wednesday Addams and Cousin Itt

The series is a bit old. The costume idea is still top!

29. Krang costume from the Ninja Turtles

30. The divided man


31. Man with hoverboard

This is a costume for all days, not just on Halloween!

It’s your turn!

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