Nutcracker Costume: Opening Christmas Market

  • Event: Opening Christmas Market Neuruppin
  • Client: Stadtmarketing Neuruppin
  • Guests: visitors tourists
  • Number of guests: 2000
  • Mission: Animation as a Christmas character and distribute fair trade chocolate
  • Venue: Neuruppin
  • Artist: The Nutcracker

Our nutcracker is for everyone who has already seen Santa Claus and Christmas angels enough. He is always friendly and helpful with jigsaw military tone. The Nutcracker has a great costume and is reminiscent of a real red hussar.

With his vendor’s tray, he can distribute nuts and chocolate. He helps to distribute the tunnel and elsewhere, where you need it.

The nutcracker spreads chocolate and nuts

The Nutcracker: “Iam ready”

Light on at Schulplatz Neuruppin, Advent, Christmas, Christmas tree (Photo: Peter Geisler)

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