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Our press release for the iPhone iPad App “Body Language Trainer” is finished. You can freely use and introduced the App. Here he is:


Body Language Trainer – iPhone app explains the basic concepts and gestures

The Nobel Prize winner and psychologist Daniel Kahneman has found that people prefer to make businesses with people that they like and trust. Even if this person offers a higher price and lower quality, than its competitors.

You can gain trust if you recognize the moods of those around you and respond to them. Therefore you have to pay attention to details. This social intelligence is not innate, it is learned.

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Learn to read body language

But how can you learn to interpret the unconscious signals of other people? Anyone who spends a lot of time with other people got a good starting point. Quick success is achieved when you get feedback from trained experts.

Successful politicians treat themselves with this expert advice. Big companies book trainers for their sellers. A seminar costs around a thousand Dollars per participant. Companies like to invest in such seminars because they know that it increases the sales in the long run.

The scientific cognitions are well documented in many studies. You can look it up in books and libraries. But it gets easier.

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Screenshot iPad

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Packaged in one app

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Therefore, the app “body language Trainer” was developed specifically for iPhone and iPad. It contains all the basic concepts of body language. Didactical, the app is constructed to ensure that the user makes fast progress in a short time.

The example gestures are represented in explicit graphics. The meaning is explained in one sentence. An example quote of the person clarifies the context. All gestures got catchy names to remember easily.

Additional information provide guidance on how to deal confidently with difficult situations. This combination allows the user to quickly learn all relevant gestures and concepts.

The app is getting handy when a important date or job interview is coming up. Other application areas are sales training or flirting.

You can get the app for 3,59 Euro in the App Store here.

The app was developed by Stefan Wabner and Tom Rothe. They teach stage presence and presentation techniques.

You can get a feel for the App at sonamics.com