Mime artist for exhibition opening “face”

Event: Opening Exhibition “Face”
Customer: German Hygiene Museum Dresden
Guests: media representatives and interested guests
• Number of guests: 600
Mission: stage program suitable for “face”
Venue: Hygiene Museum Dresden
Artist: Mime artist Stefan Langenberger with individual program

The eagle discovers its prey

The hunter targets his goal

The hunter with his booty

The rabbit runs away

The audience at the German Hygiene Museum

For the Hygiene Museum Dresden I played two mime pieces of about 5 minutes each to the opening of the exhibition “Face”:

Piece 1: „The Mask Maker”

A mask maker displays different masks. A laughing, a crying, a funny and even more. Until he can not take the laughing mask off his face.

Piece 2 “The Hunter”

An eagle hunts a rabbit. The eagle is hunted by a man at the same time. Who is the winner in the end?

“For the opening of the exhibition” The face”, we were looking for an artist who visualized this topic.Thans a lot. We have received a lot of positive feedback, touching and entertaining at the same time. ”
Christoph Wingender, Pressesprecher, Deutsches Hygiene-Museum

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Pictures: Oliver Killig