Show 1 “The Incident”

Show 2 “The Experiment”

  • Event: PLMA Amsterdam
  • Client: CMC
  • Visitors: Purchaser Private Label
  • Number of Visitors: 13.000
  • Venue: RAI Amsterdam
  • Artist: Man Machines Robot with individual product show for a trade show

We have been creating individual product fairs for trade fairs and events for a long time. This is especially fun because every show has its own challenges. When I received the call from CMC, I was especially interested, because their new theme is incontinence products: diapers for adults. First I was not quite sure how to approach this topic because it is an intimate problem of many seniors.

The employees of CMC are completely relaxed. During the briefing in the beautiful town of Sontheim, we quickly found a common solution. And so two shows were made:

Product Show Application “The Incident”

The “incident” shows the application of the product. Here our robot came to work. He is neutral so that it can be projected anything on him. Even undressing and wearing diapers remains entertaining. The customer group is represented humorously and at the same time in a enjoyable manner.

Exhibition Show technical aspects of the product “The Experiment”

The technical side of the product is shown in the experiment. In the diaper there is a granulate that turns liquids into gel. The wearer thus has a secure feeling.

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Visual products are well received by the audience because it does not matter which language the guests speak. The idea remains longer the heads because the product is connected with the story. (Visual Storytelling)

Write me a mail and tell me what you want to show. Together we create a suitable show.