Walk around entertainment

Here you find the latest robot and mime walk around entertainment. The acts are suitable for event, trade fairs and openings.

Robot walk around entertainment “Maschinenmenschen”

Living robots float through the space switching their direction and dynamics from high-speed to slow-motion. The crowd wonders whether “human or machine?” and it seems impossible to take the eyes off these charismatic entities.

  • Welcoming and releasing the guests
  • Products can be integrated into the performance
  • Elegant black and white style fits everywhere

Steve Machine is a robot character with animated eyes and mouth made of LEDs. That gives him retro charm. Whenever you like to present technical topics, this guy goes into action. He is curious and loves to talk about things he recently learned.

  • Representing topics like robotic, retro and technology
  • Moderate and announce on stage in english and german
  • plays on queues to keep the good vibe and tell the remaining waiting time

Hugo is an interactive remote controlled robot puppet that talks to the guests. He drives on events, fairs and festivals.

  • Suitable for children and adults
  • at the chest display, short text messages can be displayed
  • Hugo can tell something about your product or idea
  • can speak, move his head and ride a bike

They are Gentlemen, they are player, they are clowns. With the prestidigitation of a magician and the charm of a barkeeper his guys interact with the guests and keep them comfortable.

  • Short stage show (robot dance, prepared or custom-made)
  • Representing topics like classic, tradition, 1920s and elegance
  • Short stage show (robot dance, prepared or custom-made)

The mime is decorated with antique tripod and an instant camera in vintage style. He brings an elegant stand with  photo props such as beards, eyeglasses, whistle and bow ties on little sticks . With those, the visitors can decorate themselfe for the photo. The guests get their picture right after the shooting.

  • ” Mobile Photobooth ” comes to the guests (no extra space required)
  • fit Themes like retro, Classic, Elegant and 20s
  • unobtrusive silent aniamtion
  • Guests can take the photos instantly (no digital storage)

Here you will find a selection of custom strolling acts and shows. Many product shows we create are performed on trade fairs, events or festivals.

  • individual shows and props
  • Product shows for trade fairs and events
  • Doubles character for costume and film productions

suitable for

  • Event
  • Party
  • Corporate event
  • playin on queues
  • product presentation
  • shopping centers
  • Theme Party
  • charity events
  • company party
  • Open-door day
  • Christmas
  • promotions
  • trade fair

We are based in berlin and perform worldwide.