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“Hugo” the talking robot on his bike

The talkative robot for parties, openings and events

Hugo is an interactive remote controlled robot puppet that talks to the guests. He drives on events, fairs and festivals.

The cute robot can sing a lot of songs and has got a large “database”. From this it can retrieve useless knowledge or switch to „philosophize- mode”.

What’s better than one LED? Many LEDs ! Hugo’s eyes mouth and chest display are built from many small LEDs . Clearly, this robot raises retro feelings .

Who would like to lead profound conversations he is in the right place with him. Well almost, because the little robot is quickly distracted – by flashing things and everything that looks like a machine .

Kids love him, women adore him, man want to be his buddy. He is a camera magnet.

  • at the chest display, short text messages can be displayed
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Hugo can tell something about your product or idea
  • can speak, move his head and ride a bike
  • Suitable for fairs, openings, events and festivals
“Hugo is amazing!”
Murat Vurucu, Fab Lab Berlin
“I have given Hugo a little kiss.”
Edda Gretchen Langenberger, cute child (3 years)

Book the cute robot show for your event

You will find a Press kit and 5 pictures here: Pressekit_Hugo_Roboter.zip (15,5 MB)

It’s easy to rent or to book the charming robot. Write an Email to stefan.wabner@pantomime-popkultur.de and tell me, what you have in mind. I help you with some ideas and give you a fast quote. If you are in the hurry just give me a call 0049 (0) 174 – 569 80 90

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