Talking robot announcer and walk around entertainment

With animated LED mouth and eyes

Steve Machine is a robot moderator and Announcer with animated eyes and mouth made of LEDs. That gives him retro charm. Whenever you like to present technical topics, this guy goes into action. He is curious and loves to talk about things he recently learned.

You can rent him for events and trade fairs. Especially if your theme is future or digitalism.

Steve is adaptable and has got a lot of suits in his closet. Depending on occation he can change the color. Among others there are blue, purple and red available.

  • Welcoming and releasing guests
  • Moderate and announce on stage in english and german
  • Visual anchor and great photo motif
  • plays on queues to keep the good vibe and tell the remaining waiting time
  • Representing topics like robotic, retro and technology
  • branding available

Shoot a mail to and tell me, what you have in mind. I help you with some brainstorming and give you a fast quote. If you are in the hurry just give me a call 0049 (0) 174 – 569 80 90

“I have never seen something like this.”
Anne Moosgau, mime maschine interface, Berlin
“I would love to wear that costumes myself.”
Lukas Besuch, Fooling Forward, Berlin

Moderate in english and german

Steve Machine Moderator Frack schüttelt Hand klein

If an announcer wants to direct the attention of the audience to a product, the next speaker or another Artist, he need attention himself. Thats an easy job for steve. Once he is on stage, the people wants to know what’s coming next. The charming robot love to explains things or announces the next point.

Photo motif for the guests

When the talking robot mingle with the folk, funny situation happens all the time. At the end you can hear the same questions over and over: “Can I take a picture with you?”. Luckily, steve loves cameras. Typical artist.

Robot buddy for events

Eyecatcher for technical subjects

In advertising, on events and trade shows Steves customers need attention. Here comes an eye-catcher just right. Because Steve is a robot, his walkabout-show suits technical and retro themes.

Suits available in different colors

The italians know, a suit consist of 3 parts: trouser, jacket and a tie. Steve is old shool and always dress well when he leaves the house. Depending on the occasion and event he adapts to theme or company color. In addition to many patterns, the colors blue, pink, orange, white, black, purple , green, light blue and red are available.

Moderator, anouncer or Walkabout? Order your talking robot here!

It’s easy to rent or to book the sympatic robots. Write an Email to and tell me, what you have in mind. I help you with some ideas and give you a fast quote. If you are in the hurry just give me a call 0049 (0) 174 – 569 80 90