App “body language trainer”: Improved version for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is available for download

2017-05-03T21:34:36+02:00Von |Kategorien: article, body language|

For all who ask themselves why I constantly have to update my iPhone apps? Here comes the answer: With each new operating system update, the requirement for compatibility increases to all apps. Some updates do not require to adjust, some absolutely do. That is why Apple encourages all developers to make their apps fit for [...]

Status: Signs of body language for Improv, theater and stage

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The term status plays a defining roll on the stage. Audiences recognize status without it even being mentioned. Status is always there. Actors must consciously learn to show it. If it is missing from a performance, the scene will seem unnatural. What is status? Status describes the imbalance of power 2 people in a relationship. [...]

Micro Expression: The facial expressions of the 7 basic emotions at a glance

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The interpretation of body language has recently become a popular subject due to the TV show „Lie to me“. The associated facial expressions are often used for only a fraction of a second but give away one’s true emotions. This is often followed by fake expressions attempting to hide one’s real feelings. One who can [...]