Nutcracker Costume: Opening Christmas Market Neuruppin

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Nutcracker Costume: Opening Christmas Market Event: Opening Christmas Market Neuruppin Client: Stadtmarketing Neuruppin Guests: visitors tourists Number of guests: 2000 Mission: Animation as a Christmas character and distribute fair trade chocolate Venue: Neuruppin Artist: The Nutcracker Our nutcracker is for everyone who has already seen Santa Claus and Christmas angels enough. He is always friendly [...]

German Hygiene Museum Dresden: Mime artist for exhibition opening

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Mime artist for exhibition opening "face" • Event: Opening Exhibition "Face" • Customer: German Hygiene Museum Dresden • Guests: media representatives and interested guests • Number of guests: 600 • Mission: stage program suitable for "face" • Venue: Hygiene Museum Dresden • Artist: Mime artist Stefan Langenberger with individual program The eagle discovers its prey [...]

Mime Performance for TV Worship Service: “Martin Luther Transcends the Bible” (Video 3:17 Min)

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Worship at the opening of the Reformation Jubilee I have developed a piece specifically for TV Television Service, which shows how Luther translates the Bible under difficult conditions. The original Luther Bible was issued for television service. Among the guests were also Federal President Gauck and the governing mayor Müller of Berlin. Occasion: TV service [...]

Kamp Promenaden in Osnabrück: Mime artist for the small art festival with the mobile Photo Booth

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The Kamp Promenaden Osnabrück Germany had considered something special for their customers. In the inner city they organized a small art festival. Our "Mime Gentleman" strolled with his mobile photo booth and snapped pictures with his Polaroid. Event: Small art festival Customer: Kamp Promenade Guests: customers of the shopping mall Number of guests: approx. 5000 [...]

Artists at the street theater festival in Luxembourg: “Streetanimation” shines with a colorful program of moving acts and shows

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At „Streetanimation" in Luxembourg you could see again a lot of popular artists. They came from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Our robot "Hugo" was also there on his bike. Look who he met. Event: Straßentheaterfestival Client: Tourism Association Luxembourg Guests: tourists and locals Number of guests: approx. 5000 per day Location: Innenstadt [...]

Old Town Festival in Brilon: Under way with talking robot walkabout “Steve Machine”

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For Old Town Festival in Brilon our talkative robot "Steve Machine" was going around. This time in his pink suit. Look who he has met. Event: Town Festival, Guests: tourists und locals Number of guests: about 1000 Veranstaltungsort: Old Town of Brilon (Germany) Artist: "Steve Machine" Steve: "Great costume, where can i find the police??" "Wow, so much food [...]