Talking humanoid robot for stage and event Theme digitization

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Artist Digitization: talking humanoid robot for stage and event Event: Executives Congress Client: large German electronics group Guests: customers Number of guests: 500 Mission: Production of talking humanoid robots on stage. Venue: Berlin Artist: a humanoid robot (machine man) Here you will find our humanoid robot (costume) as he speaks on stage. The staging is planned [...]

Artist for BVL Gala Berlin: “Steve Machine” the talking robot presenter

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Artist for BVL Gala Berlin: "Steve Machine" the talking robot presenter Event: BVL Gala Berlin Client: Bundesverband Logistik (BVL) Guests: Members Number of guests: 2000 Mission: Welcome guests and entertain throughout the evening Venue: Estrel Hotel Berlin Artist: Robot presenter Steve Machine from Berlin Speaking robot artist: "Steve Machine" welcomes the guests Robot with [...]

Mewa Textile Management Kick-Off-Event: Actor and artist for humanoid robots

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Video and photo shooting: artist for humanoid robots Event: Mewa Kick Off Event Client: Mewa Textilmanagement Guests: employees from sales and technology Number of guests: 1000 Order: photoshooting, videotape, stage staging and event entertainment Venue: Nürburgring Germany Artist: humanoid robot "Maschinenmensch" For the Mewa we had a special request consisting of 4 parts Photoshootings with humanoid [...]

Shooting: Impersonator and actor for humanoid robots for film and video production

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Robot impersonation for Event und Video production at Cayman Islands Event: CAIS - Cayman Alternative Investment Summit Client: Dart Enterprise Venue: Kimpton Seafire, Grand Cayman Artist: Robot impersonation and actor "Man Machine" for video production here ist the video: That is why the host Dart Enterprises produced a video. For this shooting, they were looking for an [...]

You want to see a robot wearing diapers? Watch this!

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Show 1 "The Incident" Show 2 "The Experiment" Event: PLMA Amsterdam Client: CMC Visitors: Purchaser Private Label Number of Visitors: 13.000 Venue: RAI Amsterdam Artist: Man Machines Robot with individual product show for a trade show We have been creating individual product fairs for trade fairs and events for a long time. This is especially fun because [...]

Ever wonder how you can double a speaker on a conference without using a telepresence robot?

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What is a cool alternative for a telepresence robot? Take a look at the video and you will see what we did on a conference here in Berlin together with David Orban. If you want to give a speech at a conference and can't be physically there, you can use a telepresence [...]

Artists at Kick Off Event of Berlin Chemie: Visual Comedy and presenter Frauke Ludowig

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Every year, there is the annual opening event of Berlin Chemie. This time the event under the circus theme "Under the Big Top" ran as much as "Under the big circus tent". Fittingly, our classic "Mime Gentleman" greeted the guests with candy stand and visual gags. On the stage, moderator Frauke Ludowig was supported by [...]

Robotic artist „Robot Santa Claus” at Christmas in shopping mall and shopping center (Lindencenter Berlin)

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Shopping centers and shopping malls are filled on Saturdays before Christmas  as on no other Saturdays of the year. The whole center is decorate with Christmas lights. Visitors at these  events get sweets such as cookie or chocolate. The Lindencenter Berlin has invited "Steve Machine“. for one of this Saturdays. The talkative robot has suit [...]