Video and photo shooting: artist for humanoid robots

  • Event: Mewa Kick Off Event
  • Client: Mewa Textilmanagement
  • Guests: employees from sales and technology
  • Number of guests: 1000
  • Order: photoshooting, videotape, stage staging and event entertainment
  • Venue: Nürburgring Germany
  • Artist: humanoid robot “Maschinenmensch”

For the Mewa we had a special request consisting of 4 parts

Photoshootings with humanoid robot for key visual

For the key visual for the kick-off event, i went to Frankfurt. There we shot in the school hall of a school the pictures, which were later processed in Photoshop.

Thus the effect should arise that the Mewa coworker the robots is a lot ahead. Because at Mewa the message is: robot and digitization is ok and good where it makes sense, but only real people can sell to real people.

Video shoot with humanoid robot actor costume

The humanoid robot plays a waiter and serves

Video Shooting in Frankfurt

Check at the screen

On a second day we shoot a scene for a video, that was produced specifically for the event.

Story: In this scene a couple sit in the restaurant. A robot waitor comes and wants to serve. They scare back and one human service takes over and smiles friendly.

Kick off event at the Nuerburgring and the Hilton Cologne

This was followed by the two actual events at the Nuerburgring. On the stage, the board explained the goals for the coming year and highlighted how important people are in the digital age. For this, our robots were used on the stage and used for the staging.

The second event was held at Hilton Cologne.

The conference room at Hilton Kölln is prepared

The humanoid robot plays the page

…and interact with the guest

Michael Kümpfle, CEO of Mewa, uses the robot and staged his talk professionally

He holds the mirror to the robot and asks whether the advisor of the future should look like this? – rather not! People are important.

humanoider Roboter auf der Bühne

humanoid robot serves

Big Stage at Nuerburgring

The incoming guests will be entertained by the robot impersonator

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