Robot impersonation for Event und Video production at Cayman Islands

  • Event: CAIS – Cayman Alternative Investment Summit
  • Client: Dart Enterprise
  • Venue: Kimpton Seafire, Grand Cayman
  • Artist: Robot impersonation and actor “Man Machine” for video production

here ist the video:

That is why the host Dart Enterprises produced a video. For this shooting, they were looking for an actor who can not only move like a robot, but also has a costume that reminds of a humanoid robot such as the AI movie.

The choice felt on the “man machine”, because with his clean black-and-white costume and his robotic movements he had exactly the characteristics needed for the shooting.

The performer is supposed to be a robot

  • To wear a smart suit / busines suit
  • to walk, sit and stands
  • Interact with guests
  • Robotic atributes and still a human side


A robot gets up from his bed in a hotel and get dressed. He takes a coffee, goes out to the balcony and enjoys the view. Then he goes out of his room through the hotel to the beach and looks at the sea. We continue by the pool and the bar. Everywhere he comes by, the people are surprised. They have not seen anything like this. He comes in a hall full of waiting guests and gets a card attached. Now it is clear that the whole time is a futuristic keynote speaker, who speaks at the CAIS conference / event.

Here are some pictures from the shoot on the Cayman Islands:

humanoid robot actor in costume “Maschinenmensch” in front of Kimpton Seafire hotel

Walking robot actor by the pool

suiting up

Fun at the set: The robot wants to go diving

Robot impersonator getting up

Take a look to the ocean

Relax at the pool

Pascal from MOCA Films

Robot imperinator shot above the shoulder

Enjoy the view and his coffee

elevator scene

Check on screen

closeup tightening tie

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