Worship at the opening of the Reformation Jubilee

I have developed a piece specifically for TV Television Service, which shows how Luther translates the Bible under difficult conditions. The original Luther Bible was issued for television service. Among the guests were also Federal President Gauck and the governing mayor Müller of Berlin.

Occasion: TV service
Client: Evangelical Church Germany
Guests: community members, guests from politics and society, television viewer
Number of guests: 800
Location: St. Marienkirche in Berlin-Mitte
Artist: Individual Pantomime Performance Stefan Wabner

Hinter den Kulissen


View from behind


Rehearsal the day before


TV camera in the front row


Side camera in the altar room


Further camera on a built gallery


Director’s discussion after the rehearsal


The original Luther Bible with handwritten notes is issued from the State Archives


Seating in the first row (Probst Stäblein and Federal President Gauck)

500 years ago Martin Luther and the created a movement which continues to this day. One of his most important achievements is the translation of the Bible. Everyone should be able to understand the Holy Scriptures in his native language.

I like to thank Barbara Manterfeld-Wormit and Holger Bentele for their contributions to the television service.

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