The German Logistics Association holds its annual convention in Berlin. In addition to the stilt and photo box, we also had our robot Hugo there to entertain the guests.

Event: Gala / Congress
Customer: BVL
Guests: members BVL and congress participants
Number of guests: approx. 2000
Location: Estrel Hotel Berlin
Artist: Hugo the bike riding robots

Kurzer Plausch am Buffet

Short chat at the buffet

Hugo: Auf Wunsch auch mit Werbeschild

Hugo: branding possible

kleiner Scherz am Tisch

Little joke at the table

"Habt ihr noch Blumenkohl übrig?"

“Do you still have cauliflower?”

Komm, lass uns mal nen Foto machen

Come, let’s make a pic.

Ich bin der neue Lehrling

“I am the new apprentice.”

Eigentlich darf ich hier nicht mit dem Fahrrad fahren, aber verrate es niemanden, ok?

“Actually I can not ride a bike here, but do not tell anyone, okay?”

Klar kannste nen Foto machen.

“Sure you can make a photo, but have hurry up! I got a date at the bar.”

"Treffen sich zwei Logistiker..."

“If two logistics meet …”

Begrüßung am Eingang

Welcome at the entrance

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Whether a gala or congress: a friendly robot at the entrance surprises the guests and breaks the ice. Many guests shoot photos together with Hugo, and like to talk with this bright little guy.

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