Dear People,

Summer time! It’s great to work!

This is the schedule for july:
4 th: Selina Senti (in room 402)
11 th: Anna Asplind (in room 402)
18 th: Clara & Marina (in room 307)
25 th: Clara & Marina (in room 307)

Selina Senti:
In the first part we will do a training for your strength and coordiation. Later we are doing improvisations with the fixpoint and the space.

Anna Asplind:
The class starts by building up your body awareness to prepare you to go further into strengthening exercises and to work in pairs. The second part of the class we work with improvisation and research work. This week Anna will bring a musician, Joel Alter, who will experiment with us, fading out the borders between musicians and dancers. We will play, dance and have fun!!

Marina & Clara:
Our training is based on four concepts: consciousness, concentration, coordination and resistance, structured in a way which give us the space and the rhythm to develop the different exercises proposed.
Always trying to reach the limits of our bodies, the training will be divided in two main parts: the first will required energy and exertion, and in the second part we will work with the malleability of the body in a passive way.
Each wednesday from 14-17 in the theaterhaus berlin mitte, room 307 or 402.
Please be in time, bring energy and support! Yippie
Costs: 2 Euro and more

Supported by monoblock and theaterhaus berlin mitte.

Place: theaterhaus berlin mitte, wallstr. 32c, u2: märkisches museum, u8: heinrich-heine-strasse

If you have any questions or if you would like to teach, please contact me.

Come and enjoy!